Why I chose a minimalist approach to web design.

I thought I’d take a short break to talk about something important to me, and because I think we all need to stray off course for a moment to refresh. One of my most favourite websites in the whole world wide web is “ZenHabits” by Leo Babauta. Before reading his blog I knew about minimalism […]

Planning – Part 2 of ??

We’re back! Before we start I just gotta say, paracetamol + coffee increases the drugs effectiveness – important to know when your back is super aching, or you just need to focus properly on something like, oh I don’t know… this article? So lets begin! Choosing your domain name, and method of hosting. You’re going […]

Planning – Part 1 of ?? (Just being honest!)

I’m going to try and be as detailed as I can for this one. I better go fetch a Chamomile tea, be right back. Ahh. Made myself some kale, brussel sprout, cheddar cheese and tomato toasties on my homemade whole grain bread whilst I was at it. Nom. Anyway… I don’t plan like most people, […]


Some people like myself need to be inspired – and I know I can inspire others with what I learn from this. What I intend to do is build myself into a fully functional and respected entrepreneur from the ground up. I believe in showing you everything I do – every step of the way. So what’s the […]